Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Perfect grip solution

I think I have finally nailed the perfect compromise when it comes to a small light weight clamp for strobes. This is something I am happy to have in my travel case. Doesn't take up too much space and is easy to use and pretty versatile.

It is made up of three main items; A Manfrotto Nano clamp, a small
ball head and a plastic cold shoe with a threaded bolt.

Secondary Items are a velcro cinch strap and a small piece of tubing (or Rod).

The ball head is screwed into the 1/4" hole on the top of the Nano clamp as if it were up the wrong way, then the cold shoe is screwed into the base of the ball head after discarding the knurled nut that came with it.
A Nano clamp will open up to 35mm, so it will clamp to a standard inside door, not too bad considering. What I came up with to attach to larger objects is where the cinch strap and tube come into the picture.

I wrap the strap around the object (I can connect two or more if required) loosely enough to fit the tube between the object and the strap with a little slack. Then by clamping around the tube through the strap I attach the rig while tightening the strap by pinching it together. Obviously only works with objects you can get all the way around.

I now have two of these as part of my lighting kit. The Nano clamps are not cheap.  No gain without pain?

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