Sunday, August 9, 2009

Copa del Rey

I was shooting the Copa del Rey regatta in Mallorca last week.
A nice event with over a hundred boats competing, great weather, though for pictures I would like a bit more breeze and some heavier swell. Can't sweat what you can't control.
It was the first regatta for Neville Crichton's new mini maxi, the NZ registered Alfa Romeo III. So that was the main focus for me.

Some of the usual frustrations though from things that should be better but are almost always an issue.
Photo boat drivers who don't understand what it is we do or the importance of being in the right place at the right time. We invariably end up explaining and training for the first half of the regatta. A bad boat driver is akin to having legs that can't do what you want them to or won't do what you ask them to.
The driver of the boat I was assigned to at the Copa del Rey was particularly bad in this respect being of a certain age and temperament that doesn't take direction well at all, not to mention drinking beer and smoking cigarettes all day.
Where do the organizers find these guys?

There were also too many amateur photographers meaning photo boats crowded with guys who are all elbows and size 11s and girls with long hair who insist on standing just up wind when the best action is happening. I understand regatta organisers need to show the sponsors they have the media numbers to warrant their investment but really, 13 on a eight metre rib does not make it easy to make your event look as good as it could.
At least it was a decent boat, powerful enough, not too wet and no stupid obstructions.

Apart from these niggles I was pretty happy with how things went. I got some shots I was happy with and have already made a couple of good sales.

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  1. Hey, Chris - great to catch up with what's happening on your side of the planet. Love the blog - particularly the boat driver shot/story. Keep it up - go, go, Gadget!
    All the best,
    Mike C